What's a Psychotechnical Certification?

Exactly what is a Psychotechnical Certificate?
In accordance with the Posting sixty ‘e. In the Road Transportation Regulation; Psychotechnical analysis is obligatory for drivers. In keeping with Short article seventy three in the Road Transportation Regulation, weighty sanctions will probably be applied for the businesses that have drivers who do not have this analysis. These sanctions are imposed with the good and the cancellation with the authorization document.Please contact us for in-depth information regarding Psychotechnical Certificate Price ranges.

For your requirements in Psychotechnical Certificate over the Asian aspect of Istanbul, Psychonet Psychotechnical Center is at your assistance. Bostanci Psychotechnical Certificate, we are a cell phone call for your preferences. If you do not have the psychotechnical paperwork from the Experienced drivers within your business, you are able to connect with us quickly. Psychonet Psychotechnical Center situated in Maltepe, Suadiye psychotechnical document fulfills your needs. Details

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